August 2018 R2 Gallery Launchpad, Carbondale, CO

co-curated by Reina Katzenberger and Brian Colley

This exhibition highlights how contemporary artists are exploring modern applications of these traditional techniques and incorporating fresh perspectives. Printmaking has been central to humanity’s development, presentation, and communication of ideas for centuries. The curators of PRINT WORKS, Reina Katzenberger and Brian Colley of The Project Shop based in Carbondale, would argue that even in a “digital age”, the power and importance of printmaking is as relevant as ever.

A variety of printmaking techniques will be exhibited including engraving, etching, intaglio, letterpress, screen printing, woodcut, and more. Printmakers include Jennifer Ghormley, Rick Griffith, Chris Hassig, Johanna Mueller, Vanessa Porras, Andrew Rice, Skye Weinglass and Reina Katzenberger.

Feb 2018 Aspen Chapel Gallery Feb 21 - April 8 2018 curated by David Warner

from left to right: Yoshimi, Handle me, Come as you are.

each 12x36” : mixed media, monotype, screenprint and letterpress on Arches mounted on cradled wood panel. This work is a progression of the pieces developed for the bookart project, "Please handle me!".

A group exhibition at the Aspen Chapel Gallery, curated by David Warner. Exhibiting artists: Curt Carpenter, David Floria, Reina Katzenberger, Carol Loewenstern, Glenn Rappaport, Jill Sabella, Mindy Vernon, David Warner, Greg Watts, Brad Zeigel.

Please Handle Me.
Jan. 2017 - Open Book: The Book as Object and Image
CMC Aspen Campus Gallery Jan. 15 - May 7

A group exhibition at the Colorado Mountain College Aspen campus features the work of more than 30 local and other Colorado artists, using the form of the book as an inspiration or starting point. "Please handle me" is looking at the messaging one might find in a operating manual for instruction. Simple messaging is still relevant and helpful when presented in a substantial way. Heavily chained and thus grounded hopefully the messaging is considered with more gravity than a digital or transient version.


june 2nd-30th 2017
R2 Gallery Launchpad, Carbondale, CO

Virtual Tour: Mindblowing digital archive of the installation.

Six initiating artists have each corresponded with a fellow artist since October of 2016. These correspondences were sent and received via the postal system in the tradition of Mail Art. For many of the artists this was the only means of communication between them, forcing an exploration of the intimacy of conversation through the physical exchange of letters/art works. By using the postal system they have invited an unknown variable that has left markings, possible delays or losses, and included the postal workers as audience members. In this day and age of fast-paced digital communication these artists did their best to honor the tradition of Mail Art. More Info


April-May 2017 group show of collaborative work showing at the Art Base 99 Midland Ave, Basalt, CO

printed matter, mixed media on porcelain, encaustic wax with transfers as well as video projection of animation on porcelain. work for sale, priced as marked

A common thread we see in our work are the elements that feel familiar, such as the archetype of the home and points and lines which define objects in space. Our collaboration strives to strip away the assumptions of what one perceives. Our work presents the opportunity to forget what we think we see.

"I have had the great honor of working with K Ryhnus Cesark these past weeks on two collaborative pieces. The group exhibit "Art Affair" of an outstanding collection of collaborative pieces between many wonderful local artists. I have long admired K and her work and feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity. I am excited and proud to share the work we have generated together." ~reina


Derivatives + Instances
2017 Something Other curated by David Warner, Aspen Chapel Gallery

Mixed Media prints on Arches mounted on cradled Birch Board.

In this new series of work I have explored incorporating traditional print techniques including monotype, screen printing and letterpress into painting and mixed media applications on paper. This work deals with concepts in which I find solace and direction. Exploring the relationship of art and science has always been a steadfast starting point.


"west wind, 3"
2017 Bird's Nest Gallery, Aspen, Colorado.
2016, Small Wonders, Aspen Chapel Gallery, Aspen Colorado

Mixed Media prints on Arches mounted on cradled Birch Board.

Exploring with traditional print techniques and hand markings. Inspired by the Mary Oliver poem, West Wind, 3. "And the speck of my heart, in my shed of flesh. and bone, began to sing out..."






heart 2




2015, sq footage: art in redux, R2 gallery @ Launchpad

modular pieces made of folded nytimes sections


reduction #1

reduction #2

final form

Reina Katzenberger, local artist and designer/printer, is a native of the Roaring Fork Valley. In 2002, she received her BA in Humanities from University of Colorado in Boulder, where she ​enjoyed interdisciplinary studie​s. After living and doing design work in Los Angeles and New York for ​5​ years, she returned to the ​Roaring Fork Valley where she now lives and has set up the max.ink/​​projectshop​ ~ a creative space offering design and​ mixed media​ print services​ ​​including complete project solutions ​from identity branding and digital marketing​ to hand-made publications and custom art pieces. ​

Specializing in​ providing​ hands-on opportunities for artists and creatives interested in exploring mixed media applications of traditional print methods such as letterpress, relief and screen printing​, the max.ink/projectshop is ​happily situated in SAW (Studio for Arts and Works) in Carbondale, Colorado's newest Creative District.​ ​Constantly inspired and fueled ​the shop's mission:

"​We believe design​ and art​ has the power to suspend time, to inspire a second glance, a lingering thought, a nod, a smile, a deep breath. We celebrate the fundamental human acts of creating, feeling, giving, sharing, and making. For these we are almost always hungry.​"
​Her work ranges from design and digital arts to painting, drawing, letterpress, and mixed media installations.

studio location

max.ink/ project shop
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carbondale co 81623
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