Sept 2019

20” x 30”
mixed media on polyboard

The series Impressions are in response to my time and experiences in Bariloche, Argentina during my Aspen Sister City Artist Exchange in May 2019. Each piece celebrates something I learned from a studio visit, explored in conversation with an artist or was captured by visually. Using familiar mixed media techniques that incorporate traditional printmaking these pieces explore new and unexpected mark making and impression techniques. I will forever be influenced by my time in Argentina, and the abundance of natural, scientific and artistic inspiration. Our hosts generosity of spirit and the new connections made will continue to have a profound impact on my personal exploration of creative expression.

March 2019

A few weeks ago I received a stellar phone call and invitation to participate in the Aspen Sister City Exchange with Bariloche Argentina as an the Artist.  Get busy livin'!  I traded in all our miles and can't wait to adventure, meet and make art with the amazing artist community ready to welcome me and my husband Andy.The wonderful artist community in Bariloche is unfortunately a little tight on supplies due to pretty harsh economic crisis in Argentina. I am bringing down some supplies to donate to their artist collective and print studio. I am also hoping to develop some serious collaborative connections so we can help create channels for their art to be enjoyed locally in the Roaring Fork Valley.