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Carbondale Creative District.
Quarterly Newsletter Spring 2021

Reina Katzenberger | Artist and Owner of The Project Shop | theprojectshop.org

Spring is here and it feels like a new beginning. What is fresh for you right now? What are you working on?
"So many good things. This month I am looking forward to hosting and collaborating with visiting artist, Juliana Forbes, who is a valley native, now living in Boulder. Sharing the project shop space and equipment and teaching new techniques to curious creatives is all I want to do. I am working on wrapping up our latest design for our CSA - Community Supported Art - Quarterly shirt club (Read More Below). This special edition shirt is a celebration of Angus Graham’s enduring impact on our creative community and spread the word about the Angus L. Graham Memorial Fund at the Carbondale Clay Center. Working on this not-for-profit initiative has really been amazing. The next shirt will be a collaboration with Danny Carreno, Senior at RFH who I have been mentoring through the Art Base Claudette Carter Mentorship program. So yeah lots of wonderful endeavours."
You also oversee the Project Shop, a creative space in Carbondale, Colorado. Throughout the last year it looks like its hours and participation have been limited, how will things change this spring and summer?
"Over the past year we have chosen to limit access to one-on-one and visitors by appointment only. Adapting to changing conditions can be challenging but the silver lining is really focusing and making the most of the activities we can do safely and stand in solidarity with everyone who doesn’t have such privilege. I think this focus has had a positive effect on our productivity and has been really wonderful for the artists and creatives that have come in. I am incredibly grateful because over the past year the shop has been busier than ever. Instead of classes, we have found that project based learning, service and more individualized instruction really suits the space, the equipment and the learning experience."
Last year you and Andrew Roberts Gray created the mural within the new City Market. In such a wild time, how has that project been received by the community?
"I absolutely loved working on the mural with Andrew. Since there was no unveiling or gathering I guess i don’t know what the community thinks. I’d love to hear feedback. I will say that when we installed it, the reception from all of the construction workers was amazing. The various elements and style seemed to really draw people in and engage them. Seeing that and hearing them be surprised by how much they liked it was really poignant."

What’s next for Reina? What’s coming up that you are excited about?
"I am excited about working, creating and collaborating. I keep coming back to choosing thoughtfully how I want to spend my time and make it happen. The past year has really been amazing at getting me clear on what I’m here to do and what I have to offer. So yeah keep doing awesome projects through the shop with creatives from all walks of life, young and old, experienced and fresh. I have several art shows coming up which I am honored to be a part of. With community engagement continually increasing in the Shop services, I am able to take a little bit more time for my own artwork which is such a gift. Feeling really lucky to be a part of this creative community which makes doing the work of digging in and giving back feel rewarding and supported."

The Project Shop’s CSA Wear It Quarterly Club We are curating a growing collection of amazing shirt designs created and hand-printed at The Project Shop by our team of hard-working and dedicated artists. We invite you to become a supporter of our CSA (Community Supported Art).
Your support allows us to empower young and emerging artists to share their voices through tangible and quality limited edition print goods. Every 3 months you will receive a kick-ass artist designed and artist made shirt. It might be a long sleeve or tank or super soft recycled shirt. Your prepaid membership lasts for a year, totaling 4 deliveries. You get to choose your preferred style (unisex or fashion) and your preferred size. We will handle the rest. Before each quarter we will send you a preview of the styles being offered and ask to confirm your size and style preference. Occasionally we will offer upgrades and members only print-runs of useful, wearable or just plain awesome stuff. Learn more at theprojectshop.org
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