‘i am because we are’

Born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley, I am fathered by an earth systems scientist and mothered by an artist and community champion of art for all. From the beginning, I have been raised with the belief that to learn and know something it is best done by doing, holding, breaking and pulling a thing apart, before putting it back together and creating with it. This learn-by-doing philosophy continued as I completed my university studies in 2002 at CU Boulder with an interdisciplinary focus in humanities. After living and doing design work in LA and NYC for 4 years I returned to the Aspen area where I now live and continue doing graphic work at

max.ink creative agency.  

In 2014, I opened The Project Shop ~ a creative space specializing in providing hands-on opportunities for artists and creatives interested in exploring mixed media applications of traditional print methods such as letterpress, relief and screen printing. The shop offers artist-in-residence opportunities, private instruction and custom mixed media print services. Our specialty is helping translate ideas to image by creating limited-edition runs of high-quality print goods to share with the world.   

The Project Shop

“Everything comes from somewhere.  Each line, stroke, color is chosen for a reason, while not always obvious or should be obvious, the thread is there inspiring more exploration, and investigation.  For me, the interesting bits come from doing the work. Taking the time to make the marks gives the gesture its due but also acknowledges that it takes what it takes.  There are no shortcuts.  This has proven true for me in life as well and so doing the art 'work' becomes as important, fulfilling and challenging as living.”

"I believe design and art has the power to suspend time, to inspire a second glance, a lingering thought, a nod, a smile, a deep breath. I celebrate the fundamental human acts of creating, feeling, giving, sharing, and making. For these I am almost always hungry."

@ theprojectshop.org in SAW {studio for arts and works}
525 Buggy Circle, Carbondale. Colorado