Carbon Mural 

15’ x 8’ permanent installation City Market Vestibule, South Wall above exit doors, Cabrondale Colorado.
Acrylic and serigraph on panel

COLLABORATION between Local Artists:
Reina Katzenberger and Andrew Roberts-Gray

Reina Katzenberger’s work explores the relationship between art and science and the tension of representative imagery, informational graphics alongside expressive abstraction. She spearheads The Project Shop – a creative space in Carbondale specializing in providing hands-on opportunities for artists and creatives interested in exploring
mixed media applications of traditional print methods.

Andrew Roberts-Gray’s work references a number of discrete cultural traditions including science fiction, the history of the painted landscape, and the development of the thinking machine. His studio is located at (SAW) Studio for Arts and Works in Carbondale, Colorado. He enjoys the art mentoring process as well as collaborating with other artists.

This artwork is vibrant with color and movement with elements both representative and abstracted. The artists used wide and sweeping brush strokes to paint the background and the unifying image, Mount Sopris. They used printmaking and painterly methods to bring together images that honor key aspects of Carbondale’s history. The patterns of the Ute blanket evoke the legacy of indigenous people and the Latin American inspired design celebrate our rich cultural diversity.

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@ in SAW {studio for arts and works}
525 Buggy Circle, Carbondale. Colorado