Everything Comes from Somewhere

January 2020

Group Exhibition: SUPERSTRATUM
with HP Bloomer, Kaitlyn Getz, Andrew Roberts-Gray
January 27- September 2020
@ Colorado Mountain College [Aspen Campus]

superstratum  / (ˌsuːpəˈstrɑːtəm, -ˈstreɪ-) /
noun plural -ta (-tə) or -tum / geology a layer or stratum overlying another layer or similar structure

Everything comes from somewhere.  Each line, stroke, color is chosen for a reason, while not always obvious or should be obvious, the thread is there inspiring more exploration, and investigation.  For me, the interesting bits come from doing the work. Taking the time to make the marks gives the gesture its due but also acknowledges that it takes what it takes.  There are no shortcuts.  This has proven true for me in life as well and so doing the art 'work' becomes as important, fulfilling and challenging as living.
While this work is very personal, about my own narrative, my own aesthetics, my own life data, it also acknowledges that my story is not new.  Other bodies have suffered pain, other hearts have been broken, other stories have not gone to plan. Sure the particulars are mine but in the broad strokes I am not alone. My pain and experiences are as unique to me as they are universal.  They are both.  This contradiction, and existence of two seemingly inconsistent truths is a theme that has long been with me.  I am both old and young, full of potential and failure. It relates to the intersection of art and science which has always been a fruitful place for me. Their relationship to each other and informing of one another is what I find most interesting.  I feel great joy in finding the extraordinary in the common or overlooked thing. And great satisfaction when two disparate things become entangled and thus inform, enhance and offer a home to each other (data/narrative, entropy/order, subject/object, me/you, artist/art).
@ theprojectshop.org in SAW {studio for arts and works}
525 Buggy Circle, Carbondale. Colorado