Mixed media print on gallery pedestal


Police code 415 is for Disturbing the peace.

I believe in the importance of our collective adherence and respect for the systems of law and order in our culture.  I also hold in equal importance civil disobedience and individual expression of voice even if contrary to the rule of law.

This contradiction, and existence of two seemingly inconsistent truths is a theme that has long been with me.  I am both old and young, full of potential and failure.  I am a rule follower and believe strongly in the power and potential of our systems.  I also believe that there are deep rooted wrongs in our systems that have to be revealed, spoken of, acknowledged and torn down.  I find great meaning when two disparate things become entangled and thus inform, enhance and offer a home to each other (data/narrative, entropy/order, subject/object, me/you, artist/art, order/disturbance, compliance/agitation).  We have to keep doing the work together to strive for our collective potential, even if it feels elusive. 

Exhibited July2020 as part of the Flash Card Project Show 
@R2 Gallery / Launchpad in Carbondale Colorado.

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@ in SAW {studio for arts and works}
525 Buggy Circle, Carbondale. Colorado